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Orphaned at a young age, Alzheimer Fresco grew in intellect and physical stature until one day he heard the call to justice. Fresco, knowing that justice is blind, chose the most fearsome visages that scare all criminals… that of a Naked Man. With an inheritance of billions, Alzheimer Fresco wages war against the criminals of Rose City as Totally Naked Man.

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Android Cop explains the motives of the Android Army.


Android Cop explains the motives of the Android Army.

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Blast Off

The Android Army decides the fate of Rose City. Read...

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Run Away

Vega Bond runs for the consequences of his actions. Read...

Totally Naked Man: Justice is Awesome!

Manga Trade Paperback
Page Count: 100
Printed ($12.99)

The nude champion of Rose City faces his greatest threats ever. Totally Naked Man discovers mutants are living in the Shanghai Tunnels. A delegation of Greek Gods asks the heroes of Rose City for Help. Then, Totally Naked Man faces the gravitation forces of Heavy Thumb. After which he helps the duo of Parachute Man and Parachute Girl reunite.

Totally Naked Man: Justice is Awesome is the first full-color trade paperback from Mythos Imprint.

Weight 8.001 oz
Dimensions 5 x 0.66 x 8 in

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