Extreme Factor Five

Totally Naked Man faces the Extreme Factor Five.
Totally Naked Man and Friends.
Jan 20, 2016Shower Time
Jan 27, 2016In the buff
Feb 17, 2016Priorities
Feb 24, 2016Shanghai Tunnels
Mar 03, 2016Mutant Senses
Mar 10, 2016Extreme Plans
Mar 17, 2016Justice is Blind
Mar 24, 2016New Mutants
Apr 01, 2016Oatmeal the Troll
Apr 08, 2016Fightin' Words
Apr 15, 2016Taking it outside
Apr 22, 2016The Water Heater
May 06, 2016The Naked Tumbler
May 13, 2016Satanman Movies
May 20, 2016My Heart!
May 27, 2016Slow Poke
Jun 03, 2016Washman
Jun 10, 2016Buttons
Jun 17, 2016Lying
Jun 24, 2016Heroic Flame

Drama of the Gods

Cronus returns to start trouble in Rose City.
Cronus is giving Zeus some grief.
Aug 05, 2016Drama of the Gods
Aug 12, 2016Liam Neeson
Aug 19, 2016Family Matters
Aug 26, 2016Tartarus
Sep 02, 2016In Transit
Sep 02, 2016The deal of Odin
Sep 09, 2016Naked Complaints
Sep 16, 2016No Dice
Sep 23, 2016Zounds
Sep 30, 2016Godly Help
Oct 07, 2016The Pantheon
Oct 14, 2016Horse Power
Oct 21, 2016The B-Team
Oct 28, 2016Legality
Nov 04, 2016Bad Plans
Nov 18, 2016Run!
Nov 25, 2016Power of the Horse
Dec 01, 2016To Hades with you
Dec 09, 2016The Beta Males
Dec 16, 2016Beta Convos
Dec 23, 2016Alpha Males
Dec 30, 2016Worthless
Jan 06, 2017The Alpha of Betas
Jan 13, 2017Sidelined

Anicritter GO

The latest mobile gaming craze is crippling the heroes of Rose City.
Antiman and Zetaman are engrossed in a new game.
Jan 12, 2018Uniform Duty
Jan 19, 2018Villains GO
Jan 26, 2018Quiet Night
Feb 02, 2018Battlephones
Feb 09, 2018Real Heroes
Feb 16, 2018Droppin the Beats

Beneficial Nematodes

Totally Naked Man gets some wormy help in stopping Heavy Thumb.
Heavy Thumb wants to destroy Rose City.
Aug 10, 2018Heavy Thumb
Aug 17, 2018Heroic Save
Aug 24, 2018Panic in the Sky
Aug 31, 2018Le Nematodes
Sep 07, 2018Being Beneficial
Sep 14, 2018Beneficial Origin
Sep 21, 2018Beneficial Skills
Sep 28, 2018Strange Rumblings
Oct 05, 2018Union Station
Oct 12, 2018The Podiatrist
Oct 19, 2018Beneficial Ideas
Nov 16, 2018Beneficial Endings
Nov 23, 2018Conservative
Nov 30, 2018Heroic JavaScript
Apr 03, 2020Mitochondria

Totally Kodachrome

Totally Naked Man is now in Color!!! There is a secret within Rose City that the Yellow Skull seeks to exploit.
Totally Naked Man chases after The Yellow Skull.
Apr 17, 2020Down in Maywood
Apr 24, 2020Implied Laws
May 01, 2020Free Parking
May 15, 2020Suburban Commando
May 22, 2020The Punishment
May 29, 2020Max Judgement
Jun 12, 2020Go Fish
Jun 19, 2020The Beard

Ballad of Parachute Girl

Parachute Man needs the help of The Alternates to convince Parachute Girl to wear a parachute.
Someone interrupts Totally Naked Man and Zetaman while they are working.
Jun 26, 2020Interrupted
Jul 03, 2020The Dilemma
Jul 10, 2020Just in Case
Jul 17, 2020Neutral Party
Jul 24, 2020Stipulations
Aug 07, 2020Change my mind
Aug 28, 2020Towels Please
Sep 04, 2020Objection
Sep 11, 2020Guilt Trip
Sep 18, 2020Testing
Sep 25, 2020Freefallin'
Oct 02, 2020The Conclusion
Jul 23, 2021Comics are dumb
Jul 30, 2021Ladybug Man
Aug 13, 2021Helping out

The Early Years

Totally Naked Man before he became Totally Naked Man. Stories created between 1995-2000

Triple Comics

My first attempt at self-publishing
My first self-published comic featuring the very first Totally Naked Man story.

Clark Comics

My second attempt at self-publishing
Cover to Cheap Tales of Muscle Bound Heroes

Totally Naked Man the Coloring Book

Fun and adventure, heroic coloring style.

The Jewelry Robbery Case

Totally Naked Man and friends face The Yellow Skull in this fun coloring book.
Totally Naked Man and friends face The Yellow Skull in this fun coloring book.
Jul 02, 2016Rose City Champion
Jul 03, 2016Rose City, USA
Jul 04, 2016The Evil Villains
Jul 05, 2016Naked Maze
Jul 06, 2016Margulis Jewelry
Jul 07, 2016An eyeful
Jul 08, 2016What happened?!?
Jul 09, 2016Rye-Met Sudoku
Jul 10, 2016The Antiman
Jul 11, 2016Heroic Meeting
Jul 12, 2016The Letter
Jul 13, 2016Connect the Dots
Jul 14, 2016The Yellow Skull
Jul 15, 2016Liberal Newspaper
Jul 16, 2016Crossword Puzzle
Jul 17, 2016Agents of S.H.A.Q.
Jul 18, 2016The Invitation
Jul 20, 2016Word Jumble
Jul 22, 2016Confrontation
Jul 23, 2016McGuffin
Jul 24, 2016Following
Jul 25, 2016Well Done