I illustrated a tribute to one of my friends who passed away in July. Dale Pople was a friend from my old Zetaman days. He kept in contact through social media long after I retired. He was a huge supporter of Totally Naked Man. At one point we were talking about putting together a Totally Naked Man package for Adult Swim. Dale’s influence is found in my comics. The story of S’p’r H’ro is a theme in Holly Wood: Space Diva. The spaceships in Zetaman is a recycled design from a movie project of Dale’s.

A writer friend of mine wrote a good blog about Dale at https://teakrulos.com/2020/07/20/death-of-a-superhero/.

Dale was always a supporter of other people. He supported their projects and their personal growth. I wish I had more words. I don’t know what else to say except I will miss him. And thank you, Dale, for the impact you’ve made in my life.

Superhero and the Real Life Superheroes.
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EMERALD CITY — A local ‘superhero’ known in the past for serving justice and helping the police combat crime in downtown Emerald City is now in super trouble with the law.

Pepper Gold faces multiple drug charges after he allegedly sold the illegal spice, Tonka Bean, to another person, according to a King County District Clerk filing.

An undercover officer with the Emerald City Police Department scheduled a meeting with the popular cape crusader, known in the past for patrolling Emerald City’s Capitol Hill neighborhood every week and stopping fights, feeding the homeless and ensuring justice is served.

Gold typically wore a costume underneath his street clothes in case he encountered crime on the streets, he carried a “pepper gun” and enlisted the support of a sidekick in order to fight the surge of crime in the area.

This real-life superhero’s particular undoing, though, happened to be a penchant for selling banned spices, according to court documents released by the Emerald City Police Department.

A witness told detectives they could not believe Gold had not been caught yet by authorities, paving the way for an undercover sting operation designed to catch the superhero that turned to a life of a crime.

The operation revealed Gold sold Dipteryx Odorata or “The Tonka Bean” to an undercover U.S. Forest Service detective Nov. 21 at a Starbucks at 999 3rd Avenue.

Prior to the encounter, the undercover detective sent Gold $300 on Venmo, according to the report.

Investigators said the famed superhero accepted an additional $200 in person and agreed to sell more “Beans” to the detective at a later date.

Police said Gold handed the agent a brown paper bag, which had several black bean powder substances in several dark-colored bags. Each substance tested positive for Tonka Beans and weighed about 7.1 grams in total.

Less than a week later after the exchange, the undercover officer reached out to Gold for another shipment of “Beans.” Despite many text message exchanges, it took more than a month for detectives to arrange another spice deal with Gold, according to the district court filing.

Police said Gold and his unknown girlfriend agreed to meet an agent Jan. 9 at the Silver Cloud Hotel for a party.

The pair got outside of their vehicle just before 11 p.m. and were seen carrying a shiny gold backpack and a blue plastic tackle box into the hotel lobby, authorities said.

Investigators found seven separate bundles of Sassafras Oil weighing about four grams, a scale with suspected residue, several blue narcotic package and Ackee Fruit weighing approximately 31.7 grams. Detectives uncovered two small plastic bundles with suspected Sassafras Oil residue inside the brown leather bag.

The caped crusader was released from jail Jan. 11 and is scheduled for arraignment Feb. 3, according to online records.

Prior to his run in with the law, Pepper Gold said he became a superhero after his friend was assaulted outside a bar, leaving him with permanent facial damage, and his son was injured by broken glass during a car burglary.

He claimed civilians could have rushed to their help to but stood idly by. From there Gold donned a tophat to ensure his loved ones would not be hurt again.

“Have you ever seen something that you thought was wrong or not fair?” Gold said back in 2013. “That you wanted to change? And then you just thought about it for days or weeks? I don’t stand by and watch things happen that are wrong. When I see it I fix it. Does that make me crazy?”

Gold was a part of the The Superhero Squad of Superheroes movement, which involved a group of heroes patrolling the streets of Emerald City.

Dressing up as a gold Satanman and fighting crime is not illegal but Emerald City police said they do not encourage vigilante justice.

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By Piper McPeters | The Rose Cityian/Rose City Live

Dog River residents are cautioned not to drink tap water without boiling it first because of a water-main break.

The city said the public should boil water for one minute before drinking, brushing teeth and food prep. It is safe to bathe.

The city issued the warning Monday, citing a loss of pressure in the distribution system the previous evening.

The problem occurred about 6 p.m. Sunday when a water main broke downtown, leaving residents there without water. Officials haven’t determined the cause of the break.

Water was restored downtown at 7:15 pm.

City officials issued the warning as standard procedure. Officials report tests for bacteria are underway, and the city anticipates water will be safe to drink within 48 hours.

“We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience,” said Wade Willson, Hood River interim public works director.

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By Beetle Bailey Jr. | The Rose Cityian/Rose City Live

The only tree in Rose City’s smallest park is gone.

A tiny stump and a patch of dirt are all that remained Friday morning at Mill Ends Park in downtown Rose City. City park officials said they have no idea who cut the lone tree in the park, a concrete planter measuring two feet in diameter.

“It’s just not a nice thing to do,” said Mark Ross, a Rose City Parks and Recreation spokesperson. “It’s not the end of the world. We’ll all continue to enjoy the park and the whimsical nature of it, but when something like this happens it makes you think, ‘Why would someone do that?’”

Parks bureau officials don’t plan to file a police report, he said.

The park sits on a median along Southwest Naito Parkway and is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s smallest park. It became a city park in the 1970s, but the space was established in the 1940s by journalist Dick Fagan.

Ross said the park has its own watering and maintenance schedule, which including rotating in new saplings every few months. He said parks bureau staff plan to assess the damage Friday morning and determining a new tree suitable for planting in the park.

It’ll cost around $5 to replace the sapling and the parks bureau has received at least one offer from someone willing to donate a small tree, Ross said.

A small pine tree planted at Mill Ends Park was stolen in 2013. A Douglas Fir sapling was planted in its place, but the stolen tree turned up sometime later lying next to its replacement.

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One of my brothers found a few old drawings while cleaning my parent’s garage. There was an early version of Totally Naked Man Red and Blue. The villain was not The Yellow Skull but a techno nerd dude name Zotloar. I don’t know what happened to the other pages.

I don’t remember when I did this. I want to say 1997ish?

An old version of Totally Naked Man Red and Blue.
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I want to make a card game for Totally Naked Man.

Here is my rough idea-

This will be a team base game. One person can play but many people can play. It’ll be with dice and coin markers. The deck will consist of villains and traps. The goal is for the character to reach the end of the deck with their HP. The one with the most HP wins.

When a hero faces a villain they will role a die. Odd numbers is times the number damage a villain does… odd because villains are odd. Even will be for the heroes… since heroes even the scales of justice.

Each hero will have a certain amount of HP. Their skills will determine how much or how little damage and recovery they get.

The deck will have recovery items like McBuggies Burgers or armor to protect a hero. Each card set is set on one of my story lines. I am not sure yet I should do card swapping. I think that will mean that each deck will need to have a certain amount of card types. It might be fun to build custom decks to make things harder. A little like how Dungon Masters build senarios for players.

Anyway, I’m going to start with some index cards this week and start fleshing this out a bit.

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