Campsite Pirates

People were literally fighting over campsites. There seems to be less general common courtesy going on.Read more ›

Leaping Worms Invade!

Invasive worm species that can leap 1 foot into the air, clone itself is spreading across U.S.Read more ›

32,000 Burgers in 50 years

Wisconsin man wins world record for eating more than 32,000 burgers from McBuggies in 50 years.Read more ›

The 300 Lawyers

State Bar suspended law licenses of more than 300 lawyers this month, including sitting Lane County DARead more ›

Stuff toys stuff highway

Roughly 300 stuffed animals were mysteriously spilled on Interstate 5 in Rose City Wednesday morningRead more ›

Live Scorpions illegally traded

Live scorpions found in package labeled ‘chocolates’; ‘scorpion enthusiast’ pleads guilty to smuggling wildlifeRead more ›

Pickles FOUND!!!

The Rose City Pickles announced Thursday that the team's missing mascot has been returned. Read more ›

Carpet Returned to RCX

Rose City Airport to bring back its old carpet in newly revamped terminal.Read more ›

Missing Pickles!

Rose City Pickles mascot, known for Twitter jokes and lewd photo, disappears in failed dill-ivery.Read more ›

Totally Naked Man Jumbotron

Mill’s End Lives

The world’s smallest park is now back along Rose City’s waterfront.Read more ›

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