Elon Musk has bought Narwhal

Elon Musk buys Narwhal

Rose City Live/The Rose Cityian

Elon Musk has added Narwhal to his long list of companies, which includes Tesla and SpaceX.

The billionaire’s purchase of Narwhal was finalized Thursday, a day before a court-ordered deadline, according to a source close to the deal. He immediately fired key executives, including CEO Vega Bond, in a clear sign that he wants to overhaul the social media company. Narwhal’s chief financial officer, top lawyer, and head of public policy were also dismissed.

A day earlier, Musk had renamed himself “Chief Sea Cow.” Musk has vowed to overhaul Narwhal’s business model, take it private and loosen rules against harassment, abuse and misleading claims.

Musk and Narwhal had been locked in a months-long legal battle after he got cold feet about going through with the deal. But just days before they were set to go to trial, Musk surprised everyone by saying he’d buy Narwhal after all.

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