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Naked and The City

Not happy with criminals causing havoc in Rose City, Alzheimer Fresco jumps out of his clothes and on to the streets as Totally Naked Man. Along with this heroic friends, Extremely Conservative Woman and Zetaman, Totally Naked Man seeks to right the wrongs committed by the wrong doers doing wrong.


The first Totally Naked Man webcomic.
Issue 0 page 01
Jan 02, 2012Potato Power!
Jan 03, 2012Round 1
Jan 05, 2012Burned

The Bridge City Pizza Bandits

Totally Naked Man faces the evil league of pizza thieves on the streets of Rose City. In a second story, Totally Naked Man and friends fight a powerful force from the past intention on destroying the future today.
Naked Man Comics #1
Apr 02, 2012Calling Gloria
Apr 04, 2012Pizza Bandits
Apr 05, 201225 Percent Power
Apr 06, 2012Pizza Strikes
Apr 07, 2012Chow Time
Apr 08, 2012Internet Trolls
Apr 09, 2012Potty Mouth
Apr 10, 2012The Waterfront
Apr 11, 2012Full Figure Force
Apr 12, 2012Slip slidin' away
Apr 12, 2012Giving Up
Apr 13, 2012Pizza Justice
Apr 15, 2012Fast Food Follies
Apr 16, 2012Totally Angry
Apr 18, 2012Totally Lying
Apr 20, 2012Not Clint Eastwood
Apr 21, 2012Time Lord
Apr 22, 2012Distant Thunder
Apr 24, 2012Deus Ex Machina
Apr 25, 2012Naked Soliloquy

The Superhero Squad of Superheroes Movement

Totally Naked Man gets an invitation to join the Super Squad of Superheroes Movement, but Pepper Gold may have some objections. Meanwhile, Universium hungers.
Naked Man Comics #2

Zetaman's Story

NMC takes a series turn as Totally Naked Man finds out a secret of Zetaman’s past.
Naked Man Comics #5
Mar 01, 2013RLSH of Rose City
Mar 02, 2013Issue 4 Recap
Mar 05, 2013Holding Hands
Mar 06, 2013Common Grounds
Mar 07, 2013Syncing
Mar 08, 2013Trust Fall
Mar 10, 2013Sith Jump
Mar 13, 2013Zeta Work
Mar 15, 2013Alternate Rebirth
Mar 16, 2013Zeta Slander
Mar 17, 2013Naked Consolation
Mar 19, 2013Swear to me!
Mar 20, 2013True Justice
Mar 21, 2013Ringslinger
Mar 22, 2013The Commish
Mar 23, 2013Desperation
Mar 24, 2013The War
Mar 25, 2013The Agreement
Mar 26, 2013Heroic Hatred

Enter Extremely Conservative Woman

Who runs the mysterious criminal underground in Rose City? Totally Naked Man finds out in the No Hope for Hollywood. Extremely Conservative Woman takes center stage as a creepy new villain follows her everywhere. ECW teaches a Krav Maga move in Everyone was Krav Maga’ing. Pie-Man guest stars in The Adventures of Pie-Man.
Naked Man Comics #3
Sep 01, 2012Issue 02 Recap
Sep 03, 2012I'm Late!
Sep 06, 2012Vega Bond
Sep 07, 2012The Kidnapping
Sep 08, 2012Disappearing Act
Sep 10, 2012No hope
Sep 14, 2012Vanity
Sep 15, 2012I'm a creep
Sep 16, 2012I'm a weirdo
Sep 18, 2012Rose City State
Sep 19, 2012Ziggy Ziggy Ah
Sep 21, 2012CSI Rose City
Sep 23, 2012Groin Kick
Sep 24, 2012Elbows

Heros De La Ville Rose

In this special edition of Naked Man Comics, the heroes of Rose City roles are defined through music.
Naked Man Comics #7

I have the Power

Totally Naked Man and friends are transported to another world where they meet Man-Man the Barbarian.
Naked Man Comics #4
Jan 02, 2013Recap of Issue 03
Jan 03, 2013Pioneer Square
Jan 04, 2013Extreme Challenge
Jan 05, 2013Extreme Transport
Jan 06, 2013Flower Power
Jan 07, 2013Weird Sounds
Jan 08, 2013Transformation
Jan 10, 2013Fabulous Confusion
Jan 11, 2013Fabulous Origin
Jan 12, 2013Skull Mountain
Jan 13, 2013New Recruits
Jan 14, 2013When in Rome...
Jan 15, 2013Secret Identities
Jan 16, 2013Fabulous Climb
Jan 18, 2013Grandstanding
Jan 20, 2013Fabulous Reveal
Jan 21, 2013Fabulous Exit
Jan 22, 2013Hawk Witch
Jan 23, 2013Bro Fist
Jan 25, 2013Giveaway
Jan 26, 2013Cyber Bullying

I Superhero

The Opossum is hatching an evil plan to take over Rose City.
Naked Man Comics #8
Jan 01, 2014I, Superhero
Jan 03, 2014The Siamese Cat
Jan 04, 2014It's Superhero!
Jan 05, 2014What do we do?
Jan 06, 2014Sneaking in
Jan 09, 2014Standing in line
Jan 10, 2014Inspecting people
Jan 11, 2014Super Arrival
Jan 12, 2014Super Tales
Jan 13, 2014Superheroic Drop
Jan 15, 2014The Streak
Jan 16, 2014The Opossum
Jan 18, 2014Stairway to Crime
Jan 19, 2014Extreme Signals
Jan 20, 2014Naked Team-ups!
Jan 21, 2014Extreme Offense
Jan 22, 2014Playing Possum
Jan 23, 2014Annoyance
Jan 24, 2014Superheroic Escape
Jan 25, 2014The Real Power

La Cucaracha entran pero no su salir

Rose City is being terrorized by the new villains' alliance. The heroes are doing what they can to stop them but is it too late?
Naked Man Comics #6
Jul 02, 2013Issue 05 Recap
Jul 03, 2013Villains Rally
Jul 04, 2013I'm included!
Jul 05, 2013A-salt-ing
Jul 07, 2013Flat Tires
Jul 10, 2013The Fall of Totes
Jul 11, 2013Extreme Revenge
Jul 12, 2013The Naked Pietà
Jul 13, 2013The Phone Call
Jul 13, 2013The Naked Deal
Jul 14, 2013Hero Rally
Jul 15, 2013I am Spartacus!
Jul 16, 2013New Recruits
Jul 18, 2013The King and I
Jul 19, 2013In this corner...
Jul 20, 2013Ding Ding Ding
Jul 21, 2013Battle Royal
Jul 22, 2013Cleaning house
Jul 23, 2013Dynamic Battle
Jul 26, 2013Butt Kick

The Early Years

Totally Naked Man before he became Totally Naked Man. Stories created between 1995-2000

Triple Comics

My first attempt at self-publishing
Triple Comics cover

Clark Comics

My second attempt at self-publishing
Cheap Tales cover

The Expanded Universe

Tales from Rose City and beyond.

Zetaman: The Multiverse

Who is Zetaman? Why is such a depressing real life superhero important? And what is the Multiverse?
Zetaman: The Multiverse
Nov 02, 2015In the Beginning
Nov 05, 2015Alien Throw Down
Nov 06, 2015Fork Attack
Nov 07, 2015No Drinking
Nov 08, 2015The Alternates
Nov 09, 2015The Mothership
Nov 10, 2015Plan A
Nov 11, 2015Da Bomb
Nov 13, 2015Ultimate Zetaman
Nov 15, 201524 Earths
Nov 16, 2015Be Positive
Nov 17, 2015Zeta-Byes
Nov 19, 2015Fire in the Sky
Nov 21, 2015Last Stand
Nov 22, 2015Get out
Nov 23, 2015A Prayer
Nov 24, 2015Tragic Ending
Nov 25, 2015And the rest...

Antiman V. Icarus

Icarus has changed his ways. Can his friend and mentor, Antiman, stop his rampage against those who will not date him?
Naked Man Comics #10
Mar 02, 2018Beta-Males Begin
Mar 04, 2018Breeding Chads
Mar 09, 2018Under the big top
Mar 16, 2018The Spritely Bean
Apr 06, 2018Heroic Archives
Apr 13, 2018Heroic Protests
Apr 20, 2018Chummies
Apr 27, 2018Anti-Team-Up
May 04, 2018Detective Skills
May 25, 2018Grappling Hooks
May 29, 2018Artful Dodge
Jun 08, 2018Good Bye, Pie-Man
Jun 15, 2018Anti-Fight
Jun 22, 2018Anti-Press
Jun 29, 2018New Headquarters
Jul 06, 2018Insanity Plea
Jul 13, 2018The Membership
Jul 20, 2018Supertown, USA
Aug 03, 2018The Standards

Cherry City Secrets

Extremely Conservative Woman has a secret which she doesn’t want to be revealed.
Naked Man Comics #9
Sep 02, 2014Recap of issue 08
Sep 04, 2014Honey Attack
Sep 05, 2014Rejection
Sep 06, 2014Squish
Sep 07, 2014Late for work
Sep 08, 2014Extreme Brooding
Sep 10, 2014Crime Stopper
Sep 11, 2014Zetaman sucks
Sep 13, 2014Naked Razzing
Sep 15, 2014Cherry City Stores
Sep 16, 2014Time's Up
Sep 17, 2014Jive talkin'
Sep 18, 2014Heroic Change
Sep 19, 2014C4
Sep 20, 2014Haunted Past
Sep 21, 2014Detective Work
Sep 22, 2014Rumble!
Sep 23, 2014Alley Fight
Sep 24, 2014Abandonment Issues
Sep 25, 2014Clown Shoes
Sep 26, 2014Cherry Conclusion

Further Adventures

Random stories about the heroes of the Naked-Verse.
The Horseless Horse
Mar 27, 2014Believe
Dec 02, 2016When Zeta met Null
Dec 02, 2016Parking Garage
Dec 03, 2016Origin of Null
Dec 04, 2016Square Off
Dec 05, 2016Vegabonds
Dec 06, 2016Second Wind
Dec 07, 2016Mortal Combat
Dec 08, 2016Switching Sides

Holly Wood: Space Diva

Holly Wood is teleported to the Planet Sq’id where she meets gross aliens.
Holly Wood: Space Diva
Jan 01, 2015Space Diva
Jan 03, 2015The Planet Sq'id
Jan 04, 2015Rude Awakening
Jan 05, 2015Tied Up
Jan 06, 2015Lost in Space
Jan 07, 2015Danger, Danger!
Jan 08, 2015Zumba
Jan 09, 2015The Accident
Jan 10, 2015Complaints
Jan 11, 2015Deep Space
Jan 12, 2015Queen of the Z'nus
Jan 13, 2015Mistakes are made
Jan 14, 2015Ron Hobbits
Jan 15, 2015No Guns
Jan 16, 2015Z'nu Butts
Jan 18, 2015Stalemate
Jan 19, 2015Face Off
Jan 20, 2015Catfight
Jan 21, 2015Vacuum of Space
Jan 22, 2015The Rescue
Jan 23, 2015Gratitude
Jan 24, 2015Welcome to SPACE
Jan 25, 2015Humans Suck

Hunger, thy name is DOOM

Universium returns to eat the Earth. However, the Agents of S.H.A.Q. have a plan to get rid of him.
Issue 11 Page 01
Jan 11, 2019Universium Returns
Jan 18, 2019The Revelation
Jan 25, 2019Being Hangry

Totally Naked Man the Coloring Book

Fun and adventure, heroic coloring style.

The Jewelry Robbery Case

Totally Naked Man and friends face The Yellow Skull in this fun coloring book.
Totes the Coloring Book
Jul 02, 2016Rose City Champion
Jul 03, 2016Rose City, USA
Jul 04, 2016The Evil Villains
Jul 05, 2016Naked Maze
Jul 06, 2016Margulis Jewelry
Jul 07, 2016An eyeful
Jul 08, 2016What happened?!?
Jul 09, 2016Tri-Met Sudoku
Jul 10, 2016The Antiman
Jul 11, 2016Heroic Meeting
Jul 12, 2016The Letter
Jul 13, 2016Connect the Dots
Jul 14, 2016The Yellow Skull
Jul 15, 2016Liberal Newspaper
Jul 16, 2016Crossword Puzzle
Jul 17, 2016Agents of S.H.A.Q.
Jul 18, 2016The Invitation
Jul 20, 2016Word Jumble
Jul 22, 2016Confrontation
Jul 23, 2016McGuffin
Jul 24, 2016Following
Jul 25, 2016Well Done

Totally Naked Man the Webcomic

Webcomic series featuring Totally Naked Man and his heroic friends.

Anicritter GO

The latest mobile gaming craze is crippling the heroes of Rose City.
Webcomics 03 page 01
Jan 12, 2018Uniform Duty
Jan 19, 2018Villains GO
Jan 26, 2018Quiet Night
Feb 02, 2018Battlephones
Feb 09, 2018Real Heroes
Feb 16, 2018Droppin the Beats

Beneficial Nematodes

Totally Naked Man gets some wormy help in stopping Heavy Thumb.
Webcomics 03 Page 08
Aug 10, 2018Heavy Thumb
Aug 17, 2018Heroic Save
Aug 24, 2018Panic in the Sky
Aug 31, 2018Le Nematodes
Sep 07, 2018Being Beneficial
Sep 14, 2018Beneficial Origin
Sep 21, 2018Beneficial Skills
Sep 28, 2018Strange Rumblings
Oct 05, 2018Union Station
Oct 12, 2018The Podiatrist
Oct 19, 2018Beneficial Ideas
Nov 16, 2018Beneficial Endings
Nov 23, 2018Conservative
Nov 30, 2018Heroic JavaScript

Drama of the Gods

Cronus returns to start trouble in Rose City.
Webcomics 02 Page 01
Aug 05, 2016Drama of the Gods
Aug 12, 2016Liam Neeson
Aug 19, 2016Family Matters
Aug 26, 2016Tartarus
Sep 02, 2016In Transit
Sep 02, 2016The deal of Odin
Sep 09, 2016Naked Complaints
Sep 16, 2016No Dice
Sep 23, 2016Zounds
Sep 30, 2016Godly Help
Oct 07, 2016The Pantheon
Oct 14, 2016Horse Power
Oct 21, 2016The B-Team
Oct 28, 2016Legality
Nov 04, 2016Bad Plans
Nov 18, 2016Run!
Nov 25, 2016Power of the Horse
Dec 01, 2016To Hades with you
Dec 09, 2016The Beta Males
Dec 16, 2016Beta Convos
Dec 23, 2016Alpha Males
Dec 30, 2016Worthless
Jan 06, 2017The Alpha of Betas
Jan 13, 2017Sidelined

Extreme Factor Five

Totally Naked Man faces the Extreme Factor Five.
Webcomic 01 Page 01
Jan 20, 2016Shower Time
Jan 27, 2016In the buff
Feb 17, 2016Priorities
Feb 24, 2016Shanghai Tunnels
Mar 03, 2016Mutant Senses
Mar 10, 2016Extreme Plans
Mar 17, 2016Justice is Blind
Mar 24, 2016New Mutants
Apr 01, 2016Oatmeal the Troll
Apr 08, 2016Fightin' Words
Apr 15, 2016Taking it outside
Apr 22, 2016The Water Heater
May 06, 2016The Naked Tumbler
May 13, 2016Satanman Movies
May 20, 2016My Heart!
May 27, 2016Slow Poke
Jun 03, 2016Washman
Jun 10, 2016Buttons
Jun 17, 2016Lying
Jun 24, 2016Heroic Flame