The Crab Chronicles Cover

The Crab Chronicles

Totally Naked Man travels to the future and witnesses the carcinization of humanity. He must stop Dr. Clawson Crabbington evil plans if humanity is to remain mammals

Android Cop Poster

Android Cop

The Android has joined the Rose City Police Department. Is Totally Naked Man safe?

Totally Kodachrome

Totally Kodachrome

Totally Naked Man and The Alternates need new members.

Beneficial Nematode Cover

Beneficial Nematodes

Totally Naked Man gets help from a team of invertebrates

Cover to Anicritters Go

Anicritters Go

A new game is gripping the heroes and villains of Rose City.

Totally Naked Man and friends face The Yellow Skull in this fun coloring book.

The Jewelry Robbery Case

Totally Naked Man and his friends face The Yellow Skull in this fun activity book!

Drama of the Gods Cover

Drama of the Gods

The Greek Gods needs Totally Naked Man and friends’ help against Cronus.

<a href=""><a href="">Extreme Factor Five</a></a>

Extreme Factor Five

Totally Naked Man meets a band of underground mutants. And his butler must wash Totes’ new car.

The first Totally Naked Man illustration, by Illya King

Vintage Totes Comics

Illya King’s first attempts at creating a Totally Naked Man comic book.